Monday, April 29, 2013

Sorry everyone..

Hi guys.. I'm typing this from my phone really quick to let my beautiful readers know that I will be catching up on the daily challenge posts & a swatch of a beautiful indie I received in the mail today. The reason for my lack of posts is a terrible flu I'm getting on top the 11 hour shifts I've been working. My head has been hurting terribly and nail polish smell doesn't really help.
My bones are in so much pain even my fingers hurt. I don't even feel like leaving my bed. I hope you guys can comprehend and continue to follow my blog. I promise ill catch up with everything and will have some great surprises to compensate my time gone! Love you all and will talk to you all tomorrow!

Thanks again for your support

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 23- Caviar nails.


Today's theme for the daily change is caviar nails, and these were HUGE a couple of months back, I haven't really seen much caviar nail art lately, but maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'm glad the challenge is bringing these back because I don't want to be stuck with the set of caviar beads I purchased.

Here's what I created.

The color I used is Can't find my czechbook from the Euro Centrale collection by OPI.

The caviar beads I used were from a set I purchased at Michael's.  It comes with 12 colors and I purchased little bottles were I can mix the caviar beads in.

I used striping tape to create the triangle on my middle finger.
I really like using these caviar beads, hopefully they start trending again, because I got some pretty cool ideas after doing this mani lol.

Okay guys, it's time for me to go. I am suuuuper tired, and have terrible knots on my shoulders due to stress. SO i'm going to try to go to bed and relax a little.
Thank you all for reading my posts, and don't forget to comment any suggestions or polishes you want to see on my blog!

Best Blog Award!!

Hi everyone!!

Today i'd like to thank the girl at For nominating me to such great award!

Thank you so much lovely!! It means a lot to me to be nominated!

- Answer the 11 questions asked you by the blog who nominated you
- Nominate up to 20 other bloggers with less then 200 followers
- Ask them your 11 questions

Nailsnoob Questions:
1. Which are the comments and compliments that you usually get for your nail art? Or which was the weirdest one? Well I get a few comments on my Instagram mostly, I've never had any weird comments, expect for this one time a girl suggested I should start watermaking my pictures because somebody had stolen one of them. Yes, I know picture theft is a HUGE problem in the nail community specially on instagram, but I never thought somebody would actually take one of MY pictures since I don't consider myself good enough lol.

2. What's the best that your nail art blogging experience has brought to you? Honestly, the best has been the very reason why I started this, doing my nails and writing helped me a lot to get through quitting cigarettes, painting my nails is a great way for me to relax and not get anxious about them.

3. Can you name your absolute favorite nail art guru and your absolute favorite nail art blogger?
My favorite guru has to be Kayla at and my favorite blogger is

4. How did nail art and lacquer mania doing and blogging change your habits, perceptions, behaviours, relations with the ones around you, point of view, in your real life? haha you really thought these through huh?, Doing nail art has first of all removed my habit of biting my nails and cuticles, I still feel like doing it sometimes, but then I just tell myself that if I do, I'll just cut my nails off, then i'll have to wait for them to be long and beautiful again. lol.  It's helped me be a little better at saving money, ( it all goes on nail polish at the end but hey!)
5. Has nail art laquer mania given to you some brand new bonding time with someone you knew before, or some new real life firendships? No, not really.

6. Do you happen to approach or have you ever met someone just for a polish related reason in your real life? Tell an acdote if you have one.. haha not really either.

7. What's the nail art design or lacquer that represents you better as a person, and why? (please link it or make one) Oh I have a perfect one for this!! The polish goes by the name "Balck Tie Parade" and it's made by my #1 favorite indie polish maker, Polish Addict! I think this polish represents a lot who I am because it's dark yet colorful. I've gone through some hard stuff through life so far, yet I still keep that *shine* to put it that way in my life. I get sad a lot, but I can also be really fun and easy to be around.
8. Do you have some other interests, hobbies, passions and blog about them? I don't blog about anything asides nail polish but I like doing other stuff like walks/jogs/runs with my puppy, going to the dog park, reading, and play some video games :}

9. What kind of nail art or laquer lover do you think you are? and what kind of blogger? aka what's your nail art and blogging style? I think I'd classify myself as a compulsive lacquer lover! and my blog is pretty new, but it's all going to be basically swatches,reviews and tutorials. You guys should tell me what kind of blogger you think I classify as and post it on the comment box below!

10. Why did you start your nail blog and what are your hopes for it's future? I started a nail blog because I wanted to share a full length review on polishes, I wanted to share tutorials with more people without worrying about annoying my IG followers with HUGE captions. I also really want my writing skills to be at it's best for my college experience, and I'm sure while I attend school again my writing will start progressing more and more with time.
I hope to have people that actually sit there and read my posts not caring if it's short or huge, lol. People that appreciate nail art as much as I do, and appreciate artist that don't really get to be discovered.

11. What makes you like/love someone else's nail blog? bigger and glamour-perfect, or smaller and heartfel playful? And what instead you don't like in a nail blog? It doesn't really matter to me how "pimped out" your blog is, or how colorful, all I care about is the content of your posts, if you are a fun writer and keep me entertained then I'm going to like you. I also take into consideration bloggers that actually take the time to write back to their followers, answer their questions, etc. 
My Nominees!
My Questions: 

  1.  Would you rather have all the indies in the world, or big name polishes?
  2.  Which one do you like best OPI or China Glaze?
  3.  What is a brand of polish you want to try, but have to yet find?
  4.  Have you heard about Azature's black diamond polish, if so, would you like to see a review on it?
  5.  What is the most money you have spent on a nail polish?
  6.  Have you ever swapped or sent nail mail to someone? 
  7.  Where are you from?
  8.  What kind of base and top coat do you use?
  9.  Name one polish that you think it's a MUST have.
  10.  Name you favorite Indie polish brand(s).
  11.  Orly or China Glaze? OPI or Zoya?

Thanks again for nominating me & I hope you girls have fun answering my questions, thanks for participating.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Liebster Blog Award.


1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
4. Nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less followers
5. Create 11 questions for those bloggers to answer.

Thank you so much to Kelly from for nominating me for this award!

11 Facts About Myself.

  1. I live in San Antonio, Texas
  2. I'm really short :D
  3. I love animals.
  4. I dream of one day moving to New York City.
  5. I really love writing, and doing my nails. I also consider myself not good enough at neither of them.
  6. I've always wanted to play the piano.
  7. I love eating limes more than any other thing.
  8. I like everything to look as neat as possible, making it 100 times harder to do my nails. I will re do my design multiple times if I don't like a little detail about it.
  9. I feel like I'll never have lots of people read my blog.
  10. I really hope I don't discouraged to keep writing.
  11. I'm really excited to be nominated for something, lol.

Answer's to Kelly's questions.

  1. For how long have you been blogging? For about two months. I know, I know, I'm a newbie.
  2. Why did you decide to start blogging?  I wanted to share a full length reviews with people, I didn't feel like annoying my Instagram followers with HUGE captions.
  3. Do you have a job outside of blogging? Yes I do, I work at a huge thrift store as a sales associate.
  4. What's one thing you cannot live without? Painting my nails!! duh! now, but before cigarettes sadly, painting my nails helped me overcome the anxiety to keep smoking.
  5. Favorite ice cream? Love me some strawberry!
  6. Where do you usually shop? I shop online, but when I go to the mall, I usually spend all my money at forever 21.
  7. Are you on Instagram, If so, Do you follow bloggers? Yes I am @cat_master10 and yes I do. If you are a blogger and want me to check out/ follow you on instagram, feel free to leave your username below. 
  8. What one thing do you think every woman should have in her closet? A pair of sexy heels!
  9. What kind of make up do you like to try different brands of? Concealer, Lip Sticks and eye shadows!
  10.  What's your guilty pleasure? Ughhh!! Eating hot chips and candy!
  11. What's a typical day like for you? Pretty basic, I wake up, let my dog out, feed her, take a shower,put clothes on,paint my nails (number of times may vary), go to work,come home,blaze it up,relax,paint my nails some more,watch netflix and such,sleep. 

My Nominees: 


My Questions:

  1. Would you rather have matte or shiny nails?
  2. Glitters or Cremes?
  3. What's your favorite brand of polish?
  4. If you could only wear ONE polish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  5. What's the brand of polish you own the most of?
  6. Do you like doing your own nails or others better?
  7. How often do you paint your nails?
  8. Have you seen my blog before I nominated you to this? If so, what is your opinion on it.
  9. What is what polish you really want but don't have.
  10. What is your favorite blog? doesn't necessarily have to be a blog. 
  11. Do you use Instagram? If so, what is your username?

Thanks again to Kelly for letting me participate on this awesome and fun experience!

Day 22-Neon nails!♥

Hi guys!!

Today I'm bringing you day 22nd of the Short and Sweet in texas daily challenge. Today's theme is Neon.
I don't really have any full size neon polishes, I plan on definitely stocking on lots of them during the summer.
For this manicure I used minis from a L.A color's set sold at forever 21, my mom got me it for Christmas and I haven't touched so I decided to pull them out.

This design was really easy to achieve. I started by putting two coats of Orly's Ridge Filler, this dries a pearl color which is a great base for neon polishes.
When the base is completely dry I make different colored and sized tiles on my nails. (Don't worry about making them straight, the black lines will make them appear straight.)

 When the "tiles" were dry I used black acrylic paint with a little bit of water to create the lines. I used a very thin and long nail art brush to make it very easy.
When the paint is dry I applied a coat of seche vite.
The formula of these polishes was incredibly good, since these are pretty cheap ones I thought it was going to be crappy but it wasn't! At all! They probably don't last long which I'm okay with because I take my nail polish off way too quickly anyways

If any of you guys has any reviews or has heard of any about Orly's Ridge filler I'd love to see your comments in the box! Don't forget to follow, and request any wanted manicures or polishes to be reviewed.

If there's an specific polish you want to see on Nail Polish Heaven comment below and i'll make sure to add the name of the polish on my wish list.

Goodnight everyone, kisses. ♥

~Late~ Day 20-Border Nails.

Hi guys!

Sorry, I couldn't post this on time, and I will have yesterdays and today's post later on tonight.

Day 20 was a border manicure and here is what I did:

This was quite hard to achieve for me, I got it a few times but it wasn't perfect so I kept re doing my nails, until this.
 I think I did pretty good this one time!

 The polish I used for this was Lapix Of Luxury by Essie.
The outline was done using blue acrylic paint.

 It helps a little when you place tape around your cuticles so you don't have to worry about getting messy.
I like painting my finger and barely get any on my nail so I can achieve a thin outline like this one.
To clean up I just removed the tape and used a tiny brush to clean up close to my cuticle.

I hope you guys liked this and stay tuned for today's posts that i'll have for you later!

Love you all♥

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 19-Glitter!♥

Hi everyone!!

Today's theme for the Short and Sweet in Texas 30 day challenge is glitter!! my fave ♥

I have a beautiful indie to show you guys. It's made by Emely from Lavish Polish, this awesome polish goes by the name of Clown Party.

Clown Party is a white milky based polish with a faint yellow tint, this polish is also packed with different glitters.

The formula of this polish was great. The application was great as well, a little bit of fishing required but there's plenty of glitters to pick up.

This polish is packed with huge light blue hexagonal glitters, large neon pink hex glitters, medium sized lavender hex glitters and small neon yellow, light blue and light green hex glitters.

The swatch is three coats of Clown Party on its own.
You can purchase Clown Party and other Lavish Polish polishes here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Swatch & Review  & come back for tomorrow's post ♥

Day 18-Sugar Spun

Hey Everyone!

As you can see I missed yesterday's challenge, this time on purpose. I don't own any 3d items for my nails :c
and I'm not very into them either. haha. Oh well hope you guys can understand.

Today's challenge is Sugar Spun nails, and this is the first time I attempt this.
It was a fun mani to do. I really enjoyed doing it, and did try it again right after finishing the one I'm showing you but not on all my nails.

When I get better at this I will make a tutorial for you guys!

Here's my first attempt. Not proud of it at all, but for sure will have a better mani whenever I do the tutorial for this :}

The colors I used were:

NOPI-All Kendall-ed up.
Mellow Yellow-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.
Sinful Colors-Savage.  

Thank you guys for reading & Don't forget to follow for more posts
Love, Polish Junkie.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 15-Watermarble.

Hi Guys!

Today's challenge was what I was waiting for!!!! Watermabling!!!
I don't really practice water marbling but of course I'll do it for the challenge.

Okay before hand I'd like to state the obvious by saying I'm obviously not great at this but I'm open to constructive criticism, if you have a certain technique or advice on how to minimize the quantity of the air bubbles,  I'd love to see it on the comment box below!

Okay here is my water marble nails

I really liked my pointing and middle finger, my ring finger is awful, i know, i know.
I want to get a few polishes just to water marble, so if you have any suggestions I would love to see them.

The colors I used were:

China Glaze-Designer Satin.
OPI-Honk if you love OPI.
China Glaze-For Audrey.

Hope you guys liked it and once again thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14-French with a Twist.

Hi Everyone!

Today's nail challenge was french with a twist, I had a couple ideas for this mani but this morning I was inspired by one of the girls I follow on Instagram.

Amy from Gotham Polish (@gothampolish on Instagram) had a picture of this mani using different colors. She used Zoya Blair and wet n wild Black creme. It was completely gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with the color combo. I'll make sure to add a picture of hers at the bottom.

The colors I used for the recreation of this mani were:

OPI-Honk if you love OPI.
♥ Wet n Wild-Ebony hates Chris.

The matte top coat I use is Essie's Matte about you.

I hope you guys liked this mani & make sure to check out Amy's blog & Instagram, she has great stuff!

Here's the picture of her mani that I decided to recreate!

As always thank you so much for reading hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 13-Ruffian Mani

Hey guys!!

Today is my day off! so i'll be paiting my nails all day and getting the pictures ready for this week's challenges', that way I can just get home and the only thing left will be the writing which is pretty easy for me.

Okay, lets get to todays mani! The challenge for the day was Ruffian Nails (which I adore)
I've posted a Ruffian Mani post before and you can check that out here.

 The colors I used for this mani were:
 ♥ Wet n wild-Ebony hates Chris.

I honestly hated this polish lol, I ran out of my other black so I had to pull this out of my stash.
The brush was totally messed up and had the worst shape.
Aside from that everything was fine and it did dry really quickly.

Thank you all for reading! I appreciate each one of my readers!♥

Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello Everyone!

Today I have a beautiful polish I've owned for about three weeks now, I painted my nails with it as soon as I got it and took the pictures, I just honestly didn't get the time to.

Here it is now though! I introduce to you Pegasus!

Pegasus is a light lilac base packed with silver hexagonal glitters.
The formula of this polish was great, it has a lot of glitter so I tried my best  to not get a lot of glitter for the first coats.

I applied three coats total for these pictures.

As you can see we have small,medium and larger silvery-white hexagonal glitters, I love how these glitters look. They look like they're almost outlined to me.

I really, really love the color of this polish, and will be wearing it lots during spring  :)
You can purchase Hare polishes from Llarowe.

Also you guys should check out Short and Sweet in Texas' page, she will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate her reaching 100 followers & her 100th post!
This is the link to the giveaway page!

Hope you guys enjoyed and will have another post for you guys tomorrow morning.

Goodnight Everyone♥

Day 12-Fishtail Braid

Hi guys I'm back!

I've been once again not posting due to my job, closing all the time does drain my energy a lot.

Oh well, as you guys know, I'm doing my best to follow Short and Sweet in Texas' month challenge, and today's challenge was fishtail braid nails. Here's what I did

I really like how this mani looks and how easy it is, even though I could really use some practice, I want my lines to be a little more straight  :)

The colors I used for this were:
China Glaze-For Audrey.
China Glaze-Turned up Turquoise.
China Glaze-First Mate.  

Hope you guys liked this and next on I'll have a review of a beautiful Hare polish!
Thanks for reading ♥♥.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 9-PolkaDots.

Hi guys!!

Tonight's challenge was polka dots, and I probably should've analyzed the days before, because I did polka dots for pink.. but oh well.

For polka dots I went for the classical black and white :)

For the white I used China Glaze's White on White, which is so far my favorite white polish to go to.
I use it for basically every single time I do nail art.
The black I'm using is Sally Hansen's Black out.

The polish I'm holding is an untried from the Cirque Du Soleil Collection, it's called whirled Away, and I only purchased it because they had a buy 2 China Glaze polishes for $11, and aside from It's a Trap-eeze!, I didn't know which one to get.

All the items used to create this were 2 polishes and a dotting tool.

Thanks for Reading lovelies ♥

Monday, April 8, 2013

Polish Addict mini haul.

Hey everyone!

Today i'm bringing you swatches of two beautiful Polish Addict polishes.
The first polish I'll be reviewing is called Mojito.

Mojito is a light green crelly filled with soooo many glitters. I can't even list all the kinds of glitters this polish has.

The formula was quite sheer but the application was great. I didn't have to fish for glitters at all, and no dabbing was required to apply this polish.

As you can see this polish has the cutest pink star glitter and I believe it has turquoise ones as well but I didn't get any yet. You can find turquoise,orange and neon green hex glitters.You have green, red, silver circular microglitter, matte pink bar glitters, square turquoise glitters, and I'm sure more.

This polish is the most loaded glitter bomb I've ever seen! 
The second polish I have today is to die for and I tend to always love glitters with a jelly black base, so this one was a must have for me.

Black tie parade is a black jelly base with different colored hexagonal glitters in it. This polish is honestly so gorgeous, the formula is great, everything! This totally jumped on my favs list.

The application of this polish was easy as well. I didn't have to dab or fish for the glitters, which if you have red my previous posts it gives 10 points to any indie to me lol.

The pictures above are two different nails, as you can see you get tons of glitters on every nail, every time.
You have purple, blue, yellow, red, green small and medium hexagonal glitters.

I added a coat of Essie matte top coat "Matte About You"  and this is how it looked. I adore it!

You can purchase these lovely Polish Addict polishes at

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Love you all♥ xo.

*missed* Day 7-Rainbow

For the Seventh day of this monthly challenge we have rainbow nails!!.

For my rainbow nails I decided to go for a watermarble, so I used the colors of the rainbow to create different watermarble effects on my nails c:

The colors used were:
Sally Hansen-Mellow Yellow
L.A colors-no name
Sinful Colors-Cotton Candy
Essie-Really Red
OPI-Can't find my czechbook
Essie-Play Date
China Glaze-For Audrey
China Glaze-Fancy Pants.


Day 8-Zig Zag

Hello Everyone, I'm back!

Tonight I'll be posting all the swatches and nail art days I missed during the week.

So the nail challenge i'm following this month is from short and sweet in texas and it's totally amazing.
I'm so mad that I happened to find a new job right when I started doing this challenge, but oh well.
Today's challenge was zig zag and this is what I created:

The colors I used for this were:
♥Essie-Muchi Muchi.
♥Essie-Lapiz of Luxury.

Day Off!!!

Ladies, Today is my day off so, i'll be catching up on the missed challenge days and on some one some swatches i've got for you so be ready!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 6-Pink.

Hi guys!

First of all I want to start this post by apologizing for my lack of posting in the past days.
I've missed a few days of the nail art challenge, so i'm gonna explain the reasons behind it.
Like I said in my last post I just got a new job that requires lots of walking (which i'm not used to,yet),
so I've been getting home feeling way too hungry and tired to even paint my nails!
To top all of this off there's some health issues involved too. Severe migraines being one of them, the smell of the polish really makes them 100x worse and if you suffer from migraines you would probably agree.

I really want to build a good follower base and bring you guys new stuff everyday :)
So Today since I was sent home from work due to sickness I started feeling a little better and the first thing I did was paint my nails.

SO enough with that ladies, Let's talk polish!
Today's Challenge is the color Pink so I decided to go for an easy yet cute dotticure :)

The colors I used for this were Sinful Color's cotton candy and Sally Hansen's black out.

All I had to do for this mani was apply two coats of Cotton Candy and when my nails were completely dry I used a dotting tool to create the dots.

Apply top coat after and you're done!!
This is a really cute nail art idea that can be done in a short period of time.

Hope you guys like it and i'm trying my best to go back to posting daily!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Emily De Molly-Warrior Princess.

Hi guys!!

I just got a new job so I'm kind of behind on posts, I couldn't do yesterdays nail challenge but I will for sure be doing today's. Just bear with me while I get used to my new schedule.

Today I'm bringing you guys a polish I've owned for a while but haven't used or reviewed.
It's by Emily de Molly and it goes by the name of Warrior Princess.

Warrior Princess is a jelly purple base packed with bright and gorgeous glitters!

The Application for this polish was okay,it was kind of sliding of the base of my nail, but that was alright.
I obviously didn't have to fish for any glitters, and no dabbing technique was required to apply this polish.

The glitters come in different colors such as: Magenta,lilac and blue medium sized hex glitters and small lilac and blue hex glitters.

The formula of this polish was dense but applied well!

You can purchase EDM polishes on her etsy store here.
For us US girls you can get these polishes at http//

Thanks for reading as always & don't forget to follow <3

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3-Yellow.

Hi guys!

Today I got a new job so I'll trying my best to continue doing the challenge
Today's color was a hard one, because of the same reasons as orange, I don't wear yellow polish by itself. I didn't own a yellow polish that wasn't neon until Easter when I purchased one at cvs lol.

So I decided to go for something springy and simple. This is what I ended up with :)

I did these cute little flowers only using a double ended dotting tool and three different polishes.
The blue polish used as the base is OPI's Can't find my Czechbook.

The polished used for the flower's petals is Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen and the center of the flowers was made using Sinful Color's Let's meet.

All I did to create this design was apply a base color then dab four dots touching on the ends to create the petals, when dry I dabbed the center with a smaller dotting tool.
Dot as many flowers as you would like and combine any colors you want!!
This is a very simple and fast nail art design.
Hope you guys liked it and keep coming back for more posts :)