Monday, April 8, 2013

Polish Addict mini haul.

Hey everyone!

Today i'm bringing you swatches of two beautiful Polish Addict polishes.
The first polish I'll be reviewing is called Mojito.

Mojito is a light green crelly filled with soooo many glitters. I can't even list all the kinds of glitters this polish has.

The formula was quite sheer but the application was great. I didn't have to fish for glitters at all, and no dabbing was required to apply this polish.

As you can see this polish has the cutest pink star glitter and I believe it has turquoise ones as well but I didn't get any yet. You can find turquoise,orange and neon green hex glitters.You have green, red, silver circular microglitter, matte pink bar glitters, square turquoise glitters, and I'm sure more.

This polish is the most loaded glitter bomb I've ever seen! 
The second polish I have today is to die for and I tend to always love glitters with a jelly black base, so this one was a must have for me.

Black tie parade is a black jelly base with different colored hexagonal glitters in it. This polish is honestly so gorgeous, the formula is great, everything! This totally jumped on my favs list.

The application of this polish was easy as well. I didn't have to dab or fish for the glitters, which if you have red my previous posts it gives 10 points to any indie to me lol.

The pictures above are two different nails, as you can see you get tons of glitters on every nail, every time.
You have purple, blue, yellow, red, green small and medium hexagonal glitters.

I added a coat of Essie matte top coat "Matte About You"  and this is how it looked. I adore it!

You can purchase these lovely Polish Addict polishes at

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Love you all♥ xo.

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