Monday, April 22, 2013

~Late~ Day 20-Border Nails.

Hi guys!

Sorry, I couldn't post this on time, and I will have yesterdays and today's post later on tonight.

Day 20 was a border manicure and here is what I did:

This was quite hard to achieve for me, I got it a few times but it wasn't perfect so I kept re doing my nails, until this.
 I think I did pretty good this one time!

 The polish I used for this was Lapix Of Luxury by Essie.
The outline was done using blue acrylic paint.

 It helps a little when you place tape around your cuticles so you don't have to worry about getting messy.
I like painting my finger and barely get any on my nail so I can achieve a thin outline like this one.
To clean up I just removed the tape and used a tiny brush to clean up close to my cuticle.

I hope you guys liked this and stay tuned for today's posts that i'll have for you later!

Love you all♥

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