Friday, April 5, 2013

Emily De Molly-Warrior Princess.

Hi guys!!

I just got a new job so I'm kind of behind on posts, I couldn't do yesterdays nail challenge but I will for sure be doing today's. Just bear with me while I get used to my new schedule.

Today I'm bringing you guys a polish I've owned for a while but haven't used or reviewed.
It's by Emily de Molly and it goes by the name of Warrior Princess.

Warrior Princess is a jelly purple base packed with bright and gorgeous glitters!

The Application for this polish was okay,it was kind of sliding of the base of my nail, but that was alright.
I obviously didn't have to fish for any glitters, and no dabbing technique was required to apply this polish.

The glitters come in different colors such as: Magenta,lilac and blue medium sized hex glitters and small lilac and blue hex glitters.

The formula of this polish was dense but applied well!

You can purchase EDM polishes on her etsy store here.
For us US girls you can get these polishes at http//

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