Saturday, May 25, 2013

Polish Addict nail mail♥

Hi everyone!

As you might know I'm completely in love with polish addict polishes and today I'll review two of them I purchased recently.

The first one is Imagine Dragons. An aqua jelly base with different sized and shaped glitters in different colors.

The formula of this polish was thinner than the usual formula I'm used to, but that didn't give me any trouble.
I used three coats and the coverage was great. The application was smooth and there's plenty of glitter in this polish. I had to fish for the big circles a little bit but it can be solved by just letting the bottle sit upside down for a while, I personally was just too excited to put it on lol.

Now glitter talk! Oh god! I knew I had to buy this polish whenever I saw the beautiful gold round glitter it had. I remember the polish addict polish that caught my eye first was Drunken Elephant and it was because of its black round glitter.
We can also find some gold, green and blue hexagonal glitters.

The second polish to review is Blue Hawaiian. A blue jelly with different glitters. This polish has a soft blue   shimmer going through it as well.

The formula was good and the application was fine I used three coats of Blue Hawaiian for the swatch.
 I love the finish of this polish everything looks so squishy haha.

You can find light pink bar glitter, white, blue, cranberry and light pink squares, diamond and hex shaped glitters.

Both these polishes are on sell at for $9.00 USD.
I definitely recommend Laura's polishes to you guys. Their price is fine, they're beautiful and unique polishes and Laura is always coming up with new polishes.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Summer Edition!

Hi guys!

Last time I went to Ulta I purchased 3 polishes from the PixieDust Summer Edition! I was so glad these weren't sold out, because last collection was always sold out.

The first color I picked up was Miranda. A rapberry red with beautiful pink holographic glitters.
This was my favorite color out of all of them next to Liberty. The formula of this polish was great. It was very easy to apply and it only took two coats to get a very opaque finish. You could get away with one coat though.

The second one I purchased was Liberty. A gorgeous blue shade with lighter blue glitter. This color is such a basic blue but it just looks so amazing textured,and with the top coat,the glitters pops and makes it look awesome. The formula of this one was great and I used two coats as well.

The last one was Destiny, this polish is a reddish shade of orange mixed with gold glitters. I rarely wear orange polishes but this one was very pretty and I really wanted to try it out. The formula was good as well but this color was a little more sheer than the rest so I used three coats for this swatch.

I put clear top coat on the nails afterwards, the top coat makes the glitter pop a lot. I love the textured but I feel like when the polish is wearing off you can change it up by applying the top coat.

Finally here are the macro swatches

Hope you guys enjoyed these swatches & as always thanks for reading

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ulta Haul! Couture De Minnie Runaway Minnies.

Hi everyone!!!

I'm super excited about today's post. I just  back from Ulta and I bought a few thing to review for you all.
Lets get started!

As soon as I walked into the store I went to look for these. I didn't know this set existed but I thought the packaging was adorable and WAY cheaper than buying the full collection that I will just swatch once and store, so buying the minis was definitely more convenient for me. This set runs for $12.95 and even though it doesn't include Mini Style from the full size collection I'm supper happy with my purchase.

The first color from the set is A definite Moust-Have and it is an almost neon rosy pink with a soft pearl shimmer to it. This color is sooo amazing for summer and I will be wearing this a lot, even though I don't usually wear neons. I applied two coats of it for this picture. The formula of this polish was great and it dried very quickly!


Next on we have Magazine Cover Mouse. This is the polish I wanted the most out of the whole collection. Magazine Cover Mouse is a Liquid Sand and it's honestly one of the prettiest textured nail polishes I've seen so far. This beautiful red polish has a gold and pink shimmer. It was very opaque. I used two coats.


Chic from Ears to Tail is next. This is a bubble gum pink creme with a very soft silver shimmer. I couldn't really capture the shimmer on the pictures though. :(
The formula was alright, it was a bit streaky but also my brush for this polish was damaged so it made it worse. I used three thick coats here.


Last but not least we have Innie Minnie Mightie Bow. This is a beautiful red creme with lighter red shimmer. At first I thought this would be very similar to A spy who Loved me from the Skyfall collection, I didn't really like that one that much, but Innie Minnie Mightie Bow took my breath away. I completely loved it and it doesn't have a gold shimmer at all, so it was very different to what I thought it'd be like.
This polish was a little thick but this made the application easy. I used two coats here but I'm sure I could've gotten away with one coat, even though the shimmer looks better with two.

That was it for this review, I hope you guys liked it and thanks for reading!

Goodnight everyone

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Winstonia nail plates & Konad nail polishes review.

Hey everyone.

Today I'll be reviewing two different things for you guys, first we will review the amazing stamping plates from Winstonia.

 This set comes with 20 different stamping plates. Each plate has 7 different designs.
Almost every single plate has cool designs. I've never had any other kind of stamping plates before so I'm happy about these.

 I purchased these for $15.99 USD, winstonia also has free shipping if you spend $25 or more, so I went ahead and got the stamper/scraper as well.
Almost all the designs are cute and fun, there is some pointless ones I probably will never use, but they are mostly all cute. The stamper works pretty well but it's a little too round, I don't know maybe I just need a little more practice with the bigger stamps.

The plates I used from left to right were: W105, W104, W115, W108.

Now, I purchased some Konad polishes from, it took forever to get then but they arrived safely.
The black one is definitely super opaque but there was some colors that were still a little sheer. I totally recommend you buy a black one for stamping though.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Polish Addict - Confetti Burst.

Hi guys!

Today I'll be reviewing this beautiful Polish Addict polish I purchased recently.

Polish Addict is one of my favorite indie sellers, I totally love the polishes she makes, the girl is a freaking genius! You can purchase her stuff here and she also has a discounted shop that you can find here.

This polish goes by the name of Confetti Burst and it definitely lives up to its name.
Confetti Burst is part of the Crelly Collection and it is a white crelly base packed with tons of different glitters that we will talk about later on.

The formula of this polish is great and there is honestly so much glitter in there that you don't need to dab this polish on at all.

As you can see there is many kinds of glitter in this polish. I'm not really a fan of bar glitter but this polish made it love it We have all sizes of hexagonal glitters along with some square glitter and bar glitter.
I definitely love the huge purple and blue glitters the most.
I'm so glad this polish is part of my collection now! love it.

I also got one of her cuticle oils for free with a discount code. It was the Pink Sugar cuticle oil and it smells delicious, I've been using it for two days and my cuticles have been hydrated. So far it is pretty good.

Hope you guys liked it and definitely check out Laura's site, she has tons of polishes to choose from.

Love you all♥♥

As always thanks for reading!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Emily de Molly Swatches ♥

Good morning everyone!

 Hope you guys are having a great week! It's finally Friday but a long day of work is ahead of me haha.
So I decided to wake up a little earlier to write the post because I'll probably be too tired tonight lol.

 Alright getting to the polish talk, I recently purchased two Emily de Molly polishes I've been dying for.
Emily de Molly is a independent Australian seller. Her polishes can be purchased through Llarowe or her Etsy page if you are not from the US.

 The first polish I'll be reviewing is the almost impossible to photograph, Black Forrest.
Black Forrest is a sheer black jelly base packed with green hexagonal glitters. Now, it was almost impossible for me to capture the beauty of this polish. You can't really see all the green glitters on the picture, but this polish is honestly breath taking IRL.

 The formula of this polish is great and the application was easy. I didn't have to dab this polish on, since there is just so much glitter in it. No fishing was required, obviously.

 Now on to the second one, A Certain Shade of Green.
On the llarowe page there is a beautiful picture of this polish, when I opened my package and put this polish on the color wasn't really the certain shade I was expecting, but this polish is awesome and I do love the color it is!

 A certain shade of green is a green crelly (cream/jelly) base with silver,pastel green and lavender glitters.

The application and formula were great as well. I love Emily de Molly polishes and I am still dying to have The Fifth Element, oh god I will be so happy the day I finally own it! haha.

Oh yeah, as you guys can see I changed my watermark lol. I'm liking this font a little better so I think I'm sticking to it.
Okay guys that was it for now, I hope you guys liked these polishes and I totally recommend you all to grab some of these at Llarowe.

Love you all, and as always thanks for reading♥

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

China Glaze Texture Collection.

Hi Guys!!!

After being sick and feeling like it took forever to recover and losing my hard drive right after, I couldn't be happier that I'm back. I missead painting my nails and talking about it to you guys a lot, but now I'm back for good.

Yesterday I went to Ulta and found the China Glaze Texture collection display, unfortunately they only had a few of the colors.
The Texture collection is China Glaze's interpretation of OPI's liquid sands or Zoya's Pixie Dusts.
Even though I found OPI and Zoya to be very similar to each other, China Glaze had a completely different texture. I wasn't disappointed though. I like the new texture and I'm glad its something different

I picked up three from this collection and figured I'd wait until they re stocked to review the other three.

The first color I picked goes by the name of In the Rough and it is a yellow-ish based green.
I really like the color of this polish but my skin doesn't so much. Greens specially light ones don't get along too great with my skin tone. It's okay though because the other too colors I picked up were good.

The second one is called Unrefined and it is a light barbie pink. This color is so overly common but the fact that is a textured nail polish makes this okay for me. The shade of pink is really great for spring and will be great for summer as well.

The third shade I picked was Of Coarse! and it is a bright blue. This one is also kind of a very common shade but the this color makes the texture pop a lot. It's also great for summer!

All these polishes obviously have the same formula and the application was all the same. I applied one coat on every single swatch. I found that the texture was a little different when I applied more than one coat. These colors are all very opaque so one coat worked well for me.

I wish the hot pink and coral from this collection weren't sold out and the only place I can find these at the moment is ulta (which is pretty far from my house) I guess I'll be ordering the rest of this collection online since the original texture of them really caught my eye.

Totally recommend you all to pick up at least one of these. The texture is fun, the colors are bright, and I'm just loving this collection. Thumbs up China Glaze!!

Hope you guys liked this post and I'm truly happy to be able to be back on the blog. Love you all!!

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hey everyone. I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. I'm feeling a little better today and was planning to start catching up on the blog, I was so excited that I was finally going to write and *poof* my laptop goes black and now the hard drive might be fried. I am going to take it to the shop tomorrow after work and hopefully we can get it back on track :) o am going to be receiving my hospital bill for these past days, so I'm really upset that on top of that ill have to pay to fix my laptop. UGH. Well rent over
Hope you guys keep being so understanding. Love the fact that I haven't lost one follower since I got sick. I truly appreciate that.

alright, good night my polish junkies. Xo.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Guys! I know you all must think I'm the biggest liar for saying that I'd have all my posts by yesterday.. Well it sucks to say that I got worse. This morning I went to the hospital and the doctor said I have gastroenteritis so lots of rest is required I barely have any energy to leave my bed.

Hope you all understand, it sucks because there's nothing I can do about it but rest and take meds:/
Ill come back with new and better posts though! Love you so much!