Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best Blog Award!!

Hi everyone!!

Today i'd like to thank the girl at http://nailsnoob.blogspot.com/ For nominating me to such great award!

Thank you so much lovely!! It means a lot to me to be nominated!

- Answer the 11 questions asked you by the blog who nominated you
- Nominate up to 20 other bloggers with less then 200 followers
- Ask them your 11 questions

Nailsnoob Questions:
1. Which are the comments and compliments that you usually get for your nail art? Or which was the weirdest one? Well I get a few comments on my Instagram mostly, I've never had any weird comments, expect for this one time a girl suggested I should start watermaking my pictures because somebody had stolen one of them. Yes, I know picture theft is a HUGE problem in the nail community specially on instagram, but I never thought somebody would actually take one of MY pictures since I don't consider myself good enough lol.

2. What's the best that your nail art blogging experience has brought to you? Honestly, the best has been the very reason why I started this, doing my nails and writing helped me a lot to get through quitting cigarettes, painting my nails is a great way for me to relax and not get anxious about them.

3. Can you name your absolute favorite nail art guru and your absolute favorite nail art blogger?
My favorite guru has to be Kayla at http://nailpolishgalore.com/ and my favorite blogger is http://www.the-crumpet.com/

4. How did nail art and lacquer mania doing and blogging change your habits, perceptions, behaviours, relations with the ones around you, point of view, in your real life? haha you really thought these through huh?, Doing nail art has first of all removed my habit of biting my nails and cuticles, I still feel like doing it sometimes, but then I just tell myself that if I do, I'll just cut my nails off, then i'll have to wait for them to be long and beautiful again. lol.  It's helped me be a little better at saving money, ( it all goes on nail polish at the end but hey!)
5. Has nail art laquer mania given to you some brand new bonding time with someone you knew before, or some new real life firendships? No, not really.

6. Do you happen to approach or have you ever met someone just for a polish related reason in your real life? Tell an acdote if you have one.. haha not really either.

7. What's the nail art design or lacquer that represents you better as a person, and why? (please link it or make one) Oh I have a perfect one for this!! The polish goes by the name "Balck Tie Parade" and it's made by my #1 favorite indie polish maker, Polish Addict! I think this polish represents a lot who I am because it's dark yet colorful. I've gone through some hard stuff through life so far, yet I still keep that *shine* to put it that way in my life. I get sad a lot, but I can also be really fun and easy to be around.
8. Do you have some other interests, hobbies, passions and blog about them? I don't blog about anything asides nail polish but I like doing other stuff like walks/jogs/runs with my puppy, going to the dog park, reading, and play some video games :}

9. What kind of nail art or laquer lover do you think you are? and what kind of blogger? aka what's your nail art and blogging style? I think I'd classify myself as a compulsive lacquer lover! and my blog is pretty new, but it's all going to be basically swatches,reviews and tutorials. You guys should tell me what kind of blogger you think I classify as and post it on the comment box below!

10. Why did you start your nail blog and what are your hopes for it's future? I started a nail blog because I wanted to share a full length review on polishes, I wanted to share tutorials with more people without worrying about annoying my IG followers with HUGE captions. I also really want my writing skills to be at it's best for my college experience, and I'm sure while I attend school again my writing will start progressing more and more with time.
I hope to have people that actually sit there and read my posts not caring if it's short or huge, lol. People that appreciate nail art as much as I do, and appreciate artist that don't really get to be discovered.

11. What makes you like/love someone else's nail blog? bigger and glamour-perfect, or smaller and heartfel playful? And what instead you don't like in a nail blog? It doesn't really matter to me how "pimped out" your blog is, or how colorful, all I care about is the content of your posts, if you are a fun writer and keep me entertained then I'm going to like you. I also take into consideration bloggers that actually take the time to write back to their followers, answer their questions, etc. 
My Nominees!
My Questions: 

  1.  Would you rather have all the indies in the world, or big name polishes?
  2.  Which one do you like best OPI or China Glaze?
  3.  What is a brand of polish you want to try, but have to yet find?
  4.  Have you heard about Azature's black diamond polish, if so, would you like to see a review on it?
  5.  What is the most money you have spent on a nail polish?
  6.  Have you ever swapped or sent nail mail to someone? 
  7.  Where are you from?
  8.  What kind of base and top coat do you use?
  9.  Name one polish that you think it's a MUST have.
  10.  Name you favorite Indie polish brand(s).
  11.  Orly or China Glaze? OPI or Zoya?

Thanks again for nominating me & I hope you girls have fun answering my questions, thanks for participating.

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