Friday, March 22, 2013

Ruffian Manicure!

Happy Friday!!

TGIF right? Today i'm bringing a super cool mani for you guys! it goes by the name of ruffian manicure and
to me it's just basically a reverse french manicure.
I found some blogs and youtube tutorials about these nails a couple months back, and last night I finally decided to do them on my nails and show it to you guys!

I've found a couple of good color combos for this kind of mani and I will be listing & adding nail wheel swatches at the end.
Today though I will be using Essie's No place like Chrome & China Glaze's First Mate.

All you're going to do is first, apply a coat of No place like chrome and wait for it to be completely dry.
If you don't feel comfortable about freehanding this mani you can always find some French Manicure stickers at your local beauty supply store! I got mine from sally's and you can just place those at the bottom of your nail as a guide.

I really love the way this looks! I think it looks really classy & professional,it's super easy to do you don't need any tools aside from your polish brush and some top coat.
Here are some color combinations I would recommend!
From Left to Right I'm using
Zoya-Ziv & Essie- Mesmerized.
Essie-No place like Chrome & China Glaze-Designer Satin.
OPI-Goldeneye & Sally Hansen-Black Out.

After these were dry I decided to apply some matte top coat. I'm using Essie's Matte About You.

 That was it for today! I hope you guys have a great Friday be safe and don't make too mani decisions.
I'll be at home making more fun posts & tutorials for you guys!

Love, Polish Junkie♥

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  1. never thought of doing a backwards french manicure, it looks very nice! just followed!:)