Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 12-Fishtail Braid

Hi guys I'm back!

I've been once again not posting due to my job, closing all the time does drain my energy a lot.

Oh well, as you guys know, I'm doing my best to follow Short and Sweet in Texas' month challenge, and today's challenge was fishtail braid nails. Here's what I did

I really like how this mani looks and how easy it is, even though I could really use some practice, I want my lines to be a little more straight  :)

The colors I used for this were:
China Glaze-For Audrey.
China Glaze-Turned up Turquoise.
China Glaze-First Mate.  

Hope you guys liked this and next on I'll have a review of a beautiful Hare polish!
Thanks for reading ♥♥.


  1. Looks so cute, and omg I love the coloured hearts beside your list of colours! Such a good idea. I still haven't gotten the hang of fishtail braids (on my hair or my nails)! :/

    1. thank youu! and I thought it was a cute touch, hopefully I don't forget to do it for every post lol.

      & I've never tried fishtail braiding my hair but honestly I thought this was easy to do on my nails. There's a few really good tutorials on youtube. Once you get the hang of it it gets super easy!

    2. I'm totally going to give it another try this week, I think. :) You've motivated me!