Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2-Orange.

Hi guys!
Today I;m bringing you day #2 of the 30 day challenge I'll be doing this month!

I honestly only own ONE orange polish and have NEVER used it.. haha.
I don't know why yellows and oranges are really weird colors to me when it comes to nail polish.
I've never found an orange polish i'm in love with or anything similar.

The polish I'll be using today I bought when I wasn't really into nail polish, I just liked the way the bottles looked & how this polish looked in it, so yeah.. not really a good reason to purchase a polish anymore haha.

But anyhow, Since I couldn't come up with any ideas on what to use this orange polish with I said to myself... When in doubt.. USE GLITTER! so this is what I ended up with :)

The color I used is called Orange Fix by Maybelline Color Show. This orange is not that bad I mean I love the color just not for nail polish haha, but the formula is great, the application was smooth, it did take me three coats to reach full opacity, this polish looks a little more neon IRL, and it dries matte.

The glitter i'm using you might have seen in my previous posts. Its called Dr. Franken by Polish Addict.
I love the way that polish goes perfect with every color. I'll probably wear this polish during the summer since it's a neon but I think I'll definitely wear it under some other glitters..

Hope you guys liked this & don't forget to check back tomorrow for a new post :)

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