Monday, April 29, 2013

Sorry everyone..

Hi guys.. I'm typing this from my phone really quick to let my beautiful readers know that I will be catching up on the daily challenge posts & a swatch of a beautiful indie I received in the mail today. The reason for my lack of posts is a terrible flu I'm getting on top the 11 hour shifts I've been working. My head has been hurting terribly and nail polish smell doesn't really help.
My bones are in so much pain even my fingers hurt. I don't even feel like leaving my bed. I hope you guys can comprehend and continue to follow my blog. I promise ill catch up with everything and will have some great surprises to compensate my time gone! Love you all and will talk to you all tomorrow!

Thanks again for your support


  1. Take care of yourself hun! We will be waiting when you are feeling better. It's no fun to be sick but there's nothing you can do about it except rest and get better. I'm sorry you are so miserable. Saying a prayer for you. Hugs!

    1. Thank you for understanding!! I'm feeling a little better right now but very sleepy because of the meds.. Ill try to post some pictures today!