Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 22-Neon nails!♥

Hi guys!!

Today I'm bringing you day 22nd of the Short and Sweet in texas daily challenge. Today's theme is Neon.
I don't really have any full size neon polishes, I plan on definitely stocking on lots of them during the summer.
For this manicure I used minis from a L.A color's set sold at forever 21, my mom got me it for Christmas and I haven't touched so I decided to pull them out.

This design was really easy to achieve. I started by putting two coats of Orly's Ridge Filler, this dries a pearl color which is a great base for neon polishes.
When the base is completely dry I make different colored and sized tiles on my nails. (Don't worry about making them straight, the black lines will make them appear straight.)

 When the "tiles" were dry I used black acrylic paint with a little bit of water to create the lines. I used a very thin and long nail art brush to make it very easy.
When the paint is dry I applied a coat of seche vite.
The formula of these polishes was incredibly good, since these are pretty cheap ones I thought it was going to be crappy but it wasn't! At all! They probably don't last long which I'm okay with because I take my nail polish off way too quickly anyways

If any of you guys has any reviews or has heard of any about Orly's Ridge filler I'd love to see your comments in the box! Don't forget to follow, and request any wanted manicures or polishes to be reviewed.

If there's an specific polish you want to see on Nail Polish Heaven comment below and i'll make sure to add the name of the polish on my wish list.

Goodnight everyone, kisses. ♥

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  1. These nails look great! I would love to try out a mani like this one day :)