Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 19-Glitter!♥

Hi everyone!!

Today's theme for the Short and Sweet in Texas 30 day challenge is glitter!! my fave ♥

I have a beautiful indie to show you guys. It's made by Emely from Lavish Polish, this awesome polish goes by the name of Clown Party.

Clown Party is a white milky based polish with a faint yellow tint, this polish is also packed with different glitters.

The formula of this polish was great. The application was great as well, a little bit of fishing required but there's plenty of glitters to pick up.

This polish is packed with huge light blue hexagonal glitters, large neon pink hex glitters, medium sized lavender hex glitters and small neon yellow, light blue and light green hex glitters.

The swatch is three coats of Clown Party on its own.
You can purchase Clown Party and other Lavish Polish polishes here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Swatch & Review  & come back for tomorrow's post ♥


  1. I adore this polish! I love indies but I can easely get them from here..Anywayssss, I have nominated you for the best blog award! come check:

    1. Aww thank you this means a lot!! will surely answer the questions!