Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jindie Nails - Candy Land Remix.*

hello there readers💋
hope you all are having a great day so far, today we will be reviewing my most recent purchase. It's Jindie Nails' candy land remix.

Candy Land remix is a crelly polish in a sheer white base and lots of fun glitter!

I have two coats of white on by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear as a base, I found the formula to be a little runnier than I expected, I shook the bottle a little to try to get the glitters distributed but could barely get any, lots of fishing required but there's a lot of micro glitter in it and it looks pretty by itself as well so I didn't really mind it. It took me three coats of candy land remix to get this result.
But I think this is a super cute and fun polish and it's great overall.

Okay now lets get through the glitter talk ;)
I love the colors of the glitters in this polish. First it has pink,orange and blue neon micro glitters and we have medium sized hexagonal blue,orange,green,pink,purple and yellow glitter.
What I love about this polish and also other indies is that you will get a different look on each nail every time so your nails won't look like the same old boring manicure.

You can purchase Jindie Nail polishes at Llarowe or her Etsy shop.

On the next post ill be reviewing the new Color Club Halo Hues 2013 collection, here's a sneak peak.

I would love to hear suggestions about what polish should be reviewed next or any tutorials/nail art ideas.

Love, PolishJunkie.*

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez collection **part 2**

Haha, okay I didn't want to make just a huge long post but i'll do this review the same way as part two, so lets get started :)

First we'll have "Unicorn Love".

This beautiful polish is a pastel blue, it looks greyish as well and its packed with microglitters.
This is the only Polish Addict mini I have and I totally regret not buying a full size, i adore this polish!

 This is two coats of unicorn love, no top coat in this picture.
The formula is just as great as the other polishes. Obviously no fishing required to get the glitters, you will get tons every time!

We have neon green,yellow and blue micro glitters and also red ones.
This polish looks gorgeous in the sun light, maybe i'll post a picture of it later on because I couldnt get a good one when this pictures were taken.

"Laffy Taffy"

Laffy Taffy is a Light pink jelly base with tons of glitters and micro glitters. Laffy taffy is my favorite kind of candy so I kinda had to get this for the awesome name!

My nails were a little shorter in this picture so i apologize about that. lol
The application was a little tricky for me but once again i'm not pro. lol
I tried dabbing all the glitters then smoothing it out with another coat.
This is three coats of laffy taffy in the picture and top coat to smooth it all out.

You can see that there's tons of yellow,blue,teal,purple,pink,red and orange glitters and then we have micro holo silver glitter
I like this polish a lot but like all Glitter Bombs it is a hassle to take off. so I've only worn this two times, which is not bad considering I have tons of polish sitting there that haven't been tried but that's kind of the point of my starting my blog, I will have something to push to use all my colors ( and an excuse to keep buying new polish ;) ).

And last but definitely not least....Drunken Elephant! 

 First of all  how awesome is this name? haha I love it. This polish is a white cream polish with lots of different crazy glitters. This is one of my coolest polishes ;) I don't know why I relate the big black dots to elephant feet? LOL im always trying to fish for the elephants feet in the bottle.

You have to kind of dab the polish on so you don't brush off the other glitters but I promise that you will get crazy combos of glitter on each nail!

I would also recommend to leave the bottle upside down for a little while before you paint your nails to make sure the glitter isn't sunk at the bottom :]

I can't really describe the shapes of these glitters because they are just so unique and crazy! but the only ones you can obviously spot are the "elephant feet" i was talking about earlier. The big black dots are just awesome!

Okay that completes my collection for now, I will definitely be purchasing lots of her polishes and I recommend you guys to check all her pages out and purchase some of her polishes!
I believe Her new collection will be released on March 1st, but there's lots of polishes you can purchase now at her store.

 the link to her shop is
 you can also follow her on Instagram @polish_addict_34

Hope you guys keep in touch i will be reviewing and swatching more polishes in the future so stay tunes ;)


My Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez Collection.**Part I**

Today i'm going to be reviewing this girl's amazing polishes, I came across this girl on Instagram and saw that she created her own polishes, me being the addict I am I had to get my hands on some of those.

Currently I own 7 polishes by her and I'll list the site you can get them at, at the end of this post :)

The first polish I'll be reviewing is called "Sugar plum fairy" 

this is a glitter bomb with a baby pink base I love this color and will surely be wearing this a lot during spring.

There seem to be small blue,lilac and purple hexagonal glitters, and tiny blue,lilac and red glitters. (not so sure just judging by the picture)

The application was great you don't have to fish for glitter at all because come on! you can totally tell this is packed with glitter.
I used three coats in the picture, I didn't use a top coat for this but I'd recommend you to just to even out all the glitter and end up with a smooth surface.

Okay the next polish goes by the name of "Dr, Franken".

This polish is another glitter bomb in a clear base, which I love because of the fact you can apply this over any color you desire!

This is the Swatch of Dr, Franken over Miss Bliss by Color Club.
When applying I'd recommend the dabbing technique because you will get the glitter off if you just brush it on like regular polish.

 Dr, Franken is a mix of matte hexagonal glitters, you can find almost every single color in there, such as pink,blue,black,green,yellow,light blue,etc.
No clear top coat has been applied on this picture.

 Next on is "Breaking Dawn".

This polish is a black jelly that contains hexagonal glitters.

This is "Breaking Dawn" over black out by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear.
The application was easy there's plenty of glitters in the bottle so you are guaranteed to get some of the glitters on the nail first try!
I put two coat of breaking dawn here, and added a shiny top coat.

As you can see the big gold hexagonal glitters have a holographic effect to them and you can also find smaller gold holo glitters.
This polish has definitely jumped to my favorites list!<3

Jellyfish I is next! 


I'm honestly so happy I have this polish to talk about because I was obsessed with seeing swatches of this. I always thought that Laura wasn't restocking this anymore, so I wanted to get Jellyfish II but I still preferred this one over it.
Finally one day on Instagram I asked her if she was ever going to have this polish for sale again and she told me she had a few of this left for grab bags but that she'll hold one for me.
I was soooo excited to know this baby was going to be mine.
I absolutely love it and it's one of my top three favorite polishes.

Jellyfish I is a kinda white kinda creamish color base, the formula is good, just apply a top coat to smooth out the surface when your nails are completely done :)
This picture is two coats and a fast drying top coat.

The glitters look almost violet in the picture but they are pink, at least that's what I think, you also have gold and blue glitters everywhere. I just adore this polish!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Untried-*. Sally Hansen - Rockstar Pink

Polish Junkie here ✌
Today's untried color is Rockstar pink by Sally hansen. I looked for this polish for quite a while, none of my local cvs or Walgreens had it until one day I found it at some Walmart.

This baby spent a few months on my rack without being touched, I honestly thought it looked crazy similar to Emily de Molly's "Warrior Princess" but I found out that this is a way different color, Rockstar Pink is more of a plum color with pink, gold, blue and orange micro glitters.

I tried taking a blurry picture so you guys could see how sparkly and shimmery this polish is. Under the sun light it's amazingly gorgeous!

Application was easy as usual with any Sally Hansen polish, they've got a great formula for the xtreme wear line for a really cheap price! 
I was afraid the polish will drag to the bottom of my nail since its so glittery but surprisingly that didn't happen.

I'm glad I'm taking this polish off of my untrieds list because I am loving it!

If there's any specific colors you'd like me to review, or any ideas for tutorials an more posts let me know in the comment box I'd be glad to bring all of you readers' ideas to life.

keep in touch lovelies, more swatches, reviews and nail art coming soon💋

.xo. PolishJunkie.

Hare Polish - A Positive.*

Hello polish junkies! Today ill be swatching and reviewing a beautiful color by Hare Polish called "A Positive"

In recently started purchasing lots and lots of indie polishes, A positive was just one I HAD to get my hands on.

A positive is a dark berry color packed with tons of small,medium and large hex glitters.

The formula was great not too thick or too runny which I found to be great, I didn't really have to fish for the glitters.

Hare polishes can be found at or her etsy shop at
Her polishes are a bit pricey but definitely recommend her stuff, she has lots of beautiful polishes, you just have to keep an eye for restocking dates because her stuff sales FAST!

So go on and get your hands on some Hare polishes, I would love to see reviews/swatches on them my fellow readers :)

xo. -PolishJunkie💋

Ombré mani tutorial

Hello there my polish addicts ;) hope you all are having a great day so far!

Today I'm gonna be doing a really simple and cute mani, called ombré or gradient mani, Enjoy :)

All you will need is a make up sponge and some polishes! Ill be using Essie's Play Date, NOPI all Kendall-ed up, and OPI's Can't find my czechbook.

I like to cut the sponge down to my fingernail's size just so I don't get much of the polish on my skin.

Paint your nail white as a base so the colors show up better when you sponge them on.


Then brush a generous amount of polish onto the sponge, if you want both the colors to combine so it ends up looking like 3 colors on your nail brush one of the colors over the other one in the middle.
I just like the colors to be separated by a tiny line of in my case purple so I put the two colors really close together but barely touching. After you do this spongey our fingernail with it! Make sure your white base coat is completely dry before sponging and don't take too long to sponge the nail because the polishes will dry kinda fast. Use your finger to pull on the side of your nails so the sponge gets the polish really in there.

This is how it'll look like after the first coat. I usually do two coats, let the first coat dry completely before sponging for the second time, if the polish is still wet you will just sponge it right off.

In the picture I have already sponged for a second time and put a top coat on, putting the top coat on quick enough will help blend all the colors in and make it look shiny and marble-y!
Then just proceed to clean up with a q-tip.

This is the final product :) this is a really easy mani that anyone can recreate, but ombré can get really tricky some times if you don't get it first try, keep trying practice makes perfect and we all have to start somewhere :) I hope you guys understood and enjoyed the tutorial.

Here's a picture of what I ended up doing with the ombré :) I'm currently working on some other cupcake nails that I'm going to be writing about so keep in touch with the blog for more cute and easy nail ideas!


Nail Care & Prep!

Hello Polish Junkies!

Today I'm gonna write a short post about the products I use for nail care and what I do prior to painting my nails, so let's do this! :D

Before painting my nails I use a regular nail polish remover that I get from my local cvs.
I file my nails down and shape them, when i'm happy with the results i apply some cuticle remover cream that I didn't find at the moment of taking the picture, so sorry about that.

After pushing my cuticles down ( I don't cut my cuticles or use any metal items to remove them).

The orange bottle to the right is my Sally Hansen's Grow Nails Now vitamin treatment, i put this all over my nails and cuticles and massage it, Once this is completely dry I usually use the All in One base from essie, but when I have a weak nail or a nail that has recently broken I apply the Sally Hansen's Double Duty base&top coat.

This base coat is really thick and gel-ish?, so it works perfect for smoothing your nail before putting polish on as well!

Definitely recommend this base coat for anyone who has weak nails.
 When I'm planning on leaving my nails nude I just finally put some Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and massage it for about 3 minutes (each nail) and that's it!

If you're applying polish just top with top coat and after nails are completely dry proceed to massage the cuticle cream in!

I hope you guys found this interesting and helpful if you're just starting to get into nail stuff and would like to keep your nails strong and healthy!!

Also remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water to keep yourself feeling great as well as your nails ;)

Have a nice day Polish Addicts, and i'll catch you guys later :)

^.^ love; Polish Junkie.

Monday, February 25, 2013

work area ^.^

Hello there!

Well i decided before i start posting all the nail art i do & swatches of polishes i've bought, i would show you guys my work area!

Once again i just got into this so I don't need as much space as other people with 600+ nail polishes do lol,this is enough for me and it works so yeah :)

To the left I have a set of minis that I don't really ever use.. and then my nail art brushes.

I had another container with all my cotton balls but my bf just happened to need it for her make up brushes lol so, that's gone. :p

Then my rack but i will get into that later on :)

My nail art wheels and swatches of every color are next to the rack.

Inside the little slots on the base of the lamp I keep my dotting tools, and a brush I use for cuticle oil, and the one i use for cleaning nail polish off my cuticles.

The polishes on the bottom I just cant keep anywhere else lol.

 so yeah that's pretty much it, on my next post i'll probably talk about what i do for nail care and before painting my nails!

hopefully this blog thing works out for me and I can get used to it haha, I'm sorry if its not the best but i'll try :3

About me!

Okay, I'm totally new to this blogging thing so please bear with me, in this post i guess I'll just introduce myself.
I'm currently located in San Antonio, TX. I am eighteen years old, taken, and a soon to be freshman in college. I definitely need nail polish rehab! I'm addicting to buying polish and doing nail art as well :), I'm only a beginner and I have no cosmetology/nail tech license so if you're looking for professional work, this blog won't be the place for you.😔 But if you're into nail art and polish like I am join me in my quest to get better one mistake at a time!