Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sinful Colors - Savage

Hello polish junkies!

i'm super happy to say that i'm writing this post from my new laptop :D
All my previous posts were being written from a computer, and I felt like I didn't post as much as i would like to just becauseI get anxious from sitting down in the same spot for a while.
I wanted to ask my parents for a laptop so I could make my blogging experience a little better, but they refused since i've lost many many computers due to viruses, but my mom finally gave in and gifted me her brand new laptop :D okay enough with happy ranting and on to my post.

I went to walgreens in the search of the new "sugar rush" collection, but for the fourth time they were all out.
The staff at walgreens in the place I live are extremely disappointing me. They either have everything misplaced, no tags, refuse to help, or are just plain out of everything all the time.

So I couldn't get my paws on them quite yet, but I picked up a lovely color that I instantly fell in love with.
It goes by the name of Savage and its a really pretty blue-ish teal.

This gorgeous teal looks a little more tealish in real life than the picture, I looked up swatches of this color online and realized i'm not the only one having trouble capturing this beauty's true color.

I feel like this could very much be a summer color, but suits perfectly for the spring, or at least that's my opinion on it.
As you can see this beautiful color dries matte, but however it looks stunning with a shiny top coat as well.

The formula of this polish was amazing, reached full coverage with one coat, however for the swatches I tend to put two coats, so the picture was with two coats on.

I really like Sinful Color polishes for the fact that they are really good quality for how cheap they are!

Now that I have a laptop i'll definitely will be trying to write a little more often and keep showing you guys awesome polishes i come across.

once again thanks for reading me.

Love-polish junkie. <3

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