Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Color Club - Halo Hues Collection 2013

Welcome back  :)

The way I usually like reviewing my polishes is with a bottle shot, nails shot, and macro shot.
This time around i'll work things out a little differently.
For each color I will have two pictures, one with flash, one without.
I never really use flash for any of my pictures, since my white light is more than enough for me, but you can see the total beauty of these polishes with flash.

mkay, lets get started.


Beyond is a charcoal grey color with a soft holo to it. I was really excited about this polish since i've never seen a black holographic polish, perhaps my expectations were too high about this one. Beyond's holo is actually pretty weak even with flash, and its definitely the weakest of the whole collection.

Application was easy and smooth.
I thought this color without the holo showing looks really similiar to "secret Admirer" by Sinful Colors.


 Kismet is a light lime green holo. I don't really like the color green when it comes to nail polish, this is the only green polish i own aside mint greens.  This polish ended up making me fall in love with it, the color looks way prettier on the nail than it does in the bottle, I thought it looked almost yellowish.

This color's holo was surprisingly pretty strong and really beautiful! I wish i would've taken a sun shot of this because it's just breath-taking.

Cosmic Fate...

Cosmic Fate is an orangey - tan color that carries a really pretty holo with it.
It was really hard for me to actually capture this color because it kinda changes a lot depending on the light.

I actually didn't really want to buy this color and I was planning on just purchasing some of the colors, but i'm glad I did end up getting the whole collection, I ended up liking this color a lot.

Eternal Beauty...

Eternal Beauty is definitely my favorite color from this collection.
Even without the flash the holographic effect is so intense. It's breath taking.

You can see how bright and beautiful this polish is. I will be adding a under sun shot so check back with this post.
I absolutely love this color i've used it three times already (which is a lot for me,believe me) Most of my polishes get swatched once and that's it, not because I don't like them, just because there's too many others to try xD. *\^.^/*

Miss Bliss...

Miss Bliss is a beautiful barbie holo pink! it's a medium toned pink and it's holo it's gorgeous!
As you can see it's holo it's pretty strong but still softer than Eternal Beauty.
I love this color, I think it's really girly and fun ;)

As you can see even without the flash the holo is still pretty bright.
I applied this color on my toes as soon as I got the package and it lasted me for a good two weeks!!

Over the moon...

Over the moon is a light blue holographic polish. This polish' color is bright itself the holo isn't that strong but the color is adorable!

As you can see this color can turn to look a little teal but IRL its going to be more blue than this, my camera just wasn't picking up the color perfectly.

Now, I didn't talk about all these polishes formulas individually because they all share the same formula. My thoughts about the formula is that it's honestly perfect!
It's not too thick or too runny the application for all of these swatches was super easy and smooth.
They are easy to remove and can last a while on your nails depending on your every day activities.

I super recommend you guys to check out the site that I got these from and it was enospring.com
The whole collection cost me $40 USD with free shipping.
I'm not sure if they ship worldwide but i'm sure you could find out on the website.
Shipping was fast and all my polishes got here safe!

So thanks for reading this post I hope you guys enjoyed and keep coming back for more post :)

I'll be doing some nail art posts soon.


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