Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liquid Sand by OPI ~~

Hello guys!

Today i'll be reviewing this really cool polish called Can't let go, and it's part of the Mariah Carey's collection.
This polish is definitely not like other nail polishes, it might look normal inside the bottle but when you put it on and let it dry it actually dries matte and has a sandy texture.

I love the way this polish feels haha I can't help but feel my nails all the time while wearing this!!
The application of this polish is not hard at all and i didn't really have to use a dabbing technique to get the glitter. I used two coats of the polish in the pictures!

Purple is my favorite color so from the whole collection I had to get this one first, the color is such a true purple. Along with glitter polishes, ths polish is a hassle to take of :[ but i'll be writing a post about a little secret I found out to about to make the removal of these polishes so easy!

You can really tell that the texture in the macro looks way different, I think if i only used one coat maybe I could've gotten a better shot of the sand. Even though my nails definitely feel super sandy!! haha I love this new trend and I've seen a lot of new liquid sand polishes coming out, aside from the Mariah Carey collection you have the Pixie Dust collection from Zoya and there will be a liquid sand polish released in the new " Oz the Great and Powerful" collection.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I look forward to keep writing all these post to you all!
Thank you so much for reading.

polish junkie.

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