Friday, March 29, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Mail!!

Hello Everyone!

As you guys know i'm a huge fan of the indie brand Polish Addict, well the amazing Laura Sanchez Sent me this polish for me to review,it goes by the name of "Southern Belle".

Southern Belle is a white crelly base with tons of different kinds of glitters.

 Flash On

The glitters make the white base look a little lilac-ish to me. I was amazed with how great the formula was.
The application was also amazing and no fishing was required, I completely love polishes like that, in my book it gives them an automatic +10 ;).


Okay now i'm going to talk about the glitters:
This polish is fully packed with orange,blue,white,silver and light blue holographic hex glitters. We also have violet triangles that are also holographic,we have some holo blue diamond shaped glitter,as well as the micro holographic glitter,some medium sized squares and bar glitter!!

I'm so excited to add this polish to my collection, its such a variety of glitter and there's just tons and tons of it. I really recommend you guys to purchase this polish it's definitely a must have!

 You can purchase Polish Addict polishes at

If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me @
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