Sunday, March 31, 2013

NOTD: Easter Nails!♥

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter so far.
I've been dying to post this all day but once again i've been kind of busy, I was busy with Easter celebration, and also doing some yard work :p. Someone had to get rid of the 200 thousand pounds of leaves that completely cover the back yard making it look ugly. My puppy seemed to be amazed by the piles of leaves though. I thought I'd add a picture so I could introduce you guys to Rhea, my 14 mo pitbull.

I promise she was posing for this picture, haha she loves the camera as much as mommy loves taking pictures of her. haha she thought I was cleaning the yard just so she could have fun running and hoping around the leaves.

Okay enough rambling about my baby and getting on to the nails!!! I saw multiple cute nail art designs and I just couldn't wait to bring my idea to life.


I was shopping for some Easter stuff and bought these cute purple marshmallow bunnies & chicks, they inspired me to do this look!! It was quite easy even though i'm sure these aren't that great.
Bear with me I am a beginner and this is my first year doing Easter nails!

Flash On.

All I used for this look was A nail art brush, A double ended dotting tool & a few polishes.
On my pointing finger I used Cinderella by Sinful Colors & added some white clouds with White on White by China Glaze.

For my middle finger I used Cotton Candy by Sinful Colors as well. For the eggs I used Polish Addict's Jellyfish 1 & Hard Candy's Gummy Green. The Scattered glitter on the background is Polish Addict's Dr. Franken.

On my ring finger I used Essie's First Date as a base & White on white by China Glaze. For the bunnies ears & nose I used Essie's Muchi Muchi.

Last but not least my pinky finger. I used Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen & White on white for the rest. Orange acrylic paint was used to create the beak.

I really liked this look and thought it was pretty easy for noobz like me! hehe.

Hope you guys liked it & would love to see some feedback!

Keep coming back for more designs and IMPORTANT:
For the month of April I will be doing my best to do the follow Month Challenge everyday!
The link is here. You guys should check it out Follow this amazing blogger & Join this challenge! Will love to see some of you guys' entries!

Thanks for reading once again. Love Always, Polish Junkie♥

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  1. I love your Easter mani and your baby girl Rhea looks like a real sweetie! What's more fun than romping through the piles of fall leaves!? Look at that face!