Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The search of the perfect Red Polish.♥

Hey guys!
It's been a while since i've been looking for the perfect red nail polish, and I certainly know I am not the only one that's been though this. Since I was little the only color of nail polish I really liked wearing was red, I was always into red polish.
Now that i am HUGELY obsessed with nail polish, I decided to put myself in the little quest of finding the Perfect shade of red nail polish.

Last week, I stopped by another walgreens to look for the new sinful colors collection that I still haven't come across to and I guess will have to end up buying online.
What I did find was a HUGE display of essie Polish, I usually get my drug store brand nail polish at CVS, but since I was already at this walgreens, might as well take a look, right?.

So I found this color that I thought would complete my search, It goes by the name of "Really Red" and it is made by Essie.

(Sun Shot)

One of the things that has tricked my eye when buying nail polishes is that sometimes I think a certain color looks like a really bright red in the bottle but when you wear it, it turns out to be a hideous bright orange mess.I personally don't wear orange polishes at all.

 Flash Shot
Okay, let's all just take a minute to appreciate this stunning gem. This Polish is the closest I can get to the red I picture in my head when I picture the perfect red.
Red nail polish will usually stain your nails and its a hassle to take off around your cuticles, but this polish was surprisingly not the same. It was really easy for me to remove this and it didn't even stain my nails, not even after not applying base coat prior to color.
Love the way it looks with the flash on. This color makes me feel classy and classic at the same time.
(Artificial Light Shot)

The formula of this polish is great, its definitely a red cream and its fully opaque in 3 coats ( what I applied on my nails) Two coats looks good as well but I could see a tiny bit through it so I decided to add the third one,it really does make a difference with this nail polish.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review.
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