Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mini Hard Candy Haul.~

Hello Guys!

Last night me and the bf went to Walmart to pick up some bubble wrap, and I was browsing through the make up isle, and saw that they had a display for the Candy Sprinkles Collection and I decided two pick two of these up to review for you guys!

Left to Right: Sweet tooth & Gummy green.

  First we will review Sweet Tooth.♥
Sweet tooth is a soft pastel blue crelly base with pastel microglitters.

This is the first Hard Candy polishes I've got and i'm so not disappointed of these. I'm glad I purchased them and that they're part of my collection now. 
For being only $4.00 these polishes are quite great! I've seen some girls' reviews about the Revlon polishes that are quite similar to this but just by looking at the bottle i'm not sure they're going to be good quality, and now that i'm running out of space everywhere to put my polishes in, I can't afford to buy stuff thats just going to be sitting there even though who am I kidding... i'm an addict! lol I tell myself I put all my polishes to use all the time.. (just my excuse to buy more) haha. So yeah got side tracked.
The formula is great for such cheap price! I though I'd have to layer many coats of top coat to get this to look decent but I was actually happy with the results by itself!

As for the glitter I am completely in love, the colors are so soft and perfect for spring!
We got pastel pink blue and white hexagonal micro glitters. I didn't have to fish for these at all, not dabbing application needed, just applied like regular non glitter polish.

Alrighty next up we have Gummy Green..

(Flash Shot)

 Gummy Green is a mint green crelly base with micro glitter.
This one really caught my attention the color reminded me of Mint Condition by The Hungry Asian.
I thought it looked really fun and pretty and also very suitable for the Spring!

 (Artificial Light Shot)

The application of this was super easy as well, I just brushed this on like regular polish.
I'm really happy I found this display at my local Walmart, I think I'll be going back tomorrow for some more of these. 
I liked the little smaller bottles as well, since I have such small space to keep all my polishes these save lots of space!

For the glitter we have micro hexagonal black and white glitter. I love it, I don't own another black & white glitter aside from Whirled Away by China Glaze (which I've never used).
I really like the fact that these glitters don't stick up at all. I don't usually use a top coat when i'm swatching multiple colors, or just swatching and removing my polish because its just a big waste :p

Alrighty guys that's it for today, I like the fact that i'm actually making myself write :)
Still hoping to get some feedback!

Have a wonderful night my polish addicts.


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