Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Mail ♥

Hey Guys!
I'm so sorry this post took this long, when I first started this blog I really wanted to commit to at least writing once a day since for college I need to improve my writing skills a lot if I want to succeed in the career I want.

So yeah I always paint my nails more than twice a day so there's no excuse for my being a lazy butt that's too lazy to just lay down and grab her laptop and type.
But hey i'm doing it now, so I guess i'll get started with the polish talk <3

The polishes I'll be reviewing are both from my fave indie polish maker, Laura Sanchez, her polishes go by the name of Polish Addict, and if you look through my previous posts you can find the 2 post long review I did about my Polish Addict collection.

Alrighty, the first polish I'll be reviewing is called "Spring Prom Queen".
Spring prom queen is a beautiful whitish pink with different shaped and sized glitters.

As you can see this polish has a cute combination of shades and looks perfect for the spring!

For some reason when I tried this color by itself it didnt really look so pink but I was in a rush so didn't really want to wait for it to dry so I could build up the tone so I just decided to use White on White by China Glaze as undies.

I had to fish a little for the glitters but at the end got a good amount and again, if i would've taken the time to do three coats with no undies i'm sure i would've gotten lots more glitter, but I really like how this looks so im satisfied :)

I really like the kinds of glitter Laura put in this polish they all go together so greatly!
The formula of this polish was great! and after a few nails glitter wasn't hard to get out at all.

Now the best part! The glitter of course! This polish contains Neon matte pink glitter and hearts, we also got the medium sized purple hex glitter, white hexagons, as well as white bar glitter,rectangles and squares.
I'm really loving the white bar glitter and the really tiny white hex glitter.

The second polish I bought this time is called "Cupcakes & Kittens"
I'm not really a fan of cupcakes myself but everybody loves kittens :p 
Since Spring is coming up I knew I had to get my hands on this because, this polish definitely screams spring!


Cupcakes & kittens, is a really soft pink crelly base packed with tons of cute glitters!

 This is 2 coats of cupcakes & kittens of White on white by China Glaze.
I didn't have to fish for glitters at all, I put this polish on just like i would put any plain color on.
This color is seriously so pretty and I wish this picture would've came out a little brighter, so my apologies for that. 

Cupcakes & Kittens is super packed with tons of pastel big and tiny squared and hexagonal glitter.
You have pastel pink,blue,green and lavander.

I'm loving this polish and will definitely wear sometime soon again! I recommend you guys to get your hands on this ASAP its sold on Laura Sanchez' Shop here.

Hope you guys enjoy this post and don't forget to follow for more posts. :3


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