Monday, March 11, 2013

China Glaze - Atlantis

This is a polish from the "Specialty Collection" glitters from China Glaze, this polish is honestly breath taking.

Atlantis is a medium blue/teal/aqua jelly base with tons of holographic glitter.
The more coats you apply the bluer the color will appear.

This polish will feel kind of gritty if you don't apply top coat on, however in the pictures I didn't because I was only leaving the polish on while I took the pictures for this post.
Whenever I wear this baby for a while i'll definitely be putting a thick gel top coat.

I took a blurry picture so you guys could see just how strong this holo effect is.
This polish is one of my favorites now! I wish removing glitter wasn't such a hassle or I would wear this all the time.

I apologize for this being the macro shot of the bottle and not the actual nail I totally forgot about it, and remember when I had already taken the polish off. i hope you guys can bear with me.
The application for this polish was easy this is a very sheer jelly with one coat so I used three for the pictures.
Like i mentioned before the more coats the darker or bluer the polish is going to look like.

I wanted to take a sun shot of this polish but today wasn't very sunny outside so i'm just using inside artificial light for it.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you're wondering were I got this color from because i've never seen it in stores, I got it from ebay for a cheap 7 bucks :D

I'll catch you guys later, love;
Polish Junkie.

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  1. CG Atlantis is one of my favorites! I found mine in a clearance sale a couple of years ago and am just about ready to find a backup bottle! Gorgeous holo. Great post! =)