Monday, March 18, 2013

First Attempt at Braided Nails♥

Hello Ladies.

Today i'm going to be showing you guys my first attempt at braided nails.
I decided I wanted to go for a Spring Look so Here are the colors I picked.

I chose two colors from the China Glaze's Avant Garden Collection Fancy Pants and Passion for petals.
Also I decided my third color would be For Audrey by China Glaze as well, I just love this color and will be wearing it lots during spring :)

As you can see all these are is lines or different polish colors intertwined with each other. 
It looks just like a fishtail braid and its honestly super simple to do. Mine is obviously not as good as other nail art ladies out there, but like the title says this is my 1st attempt at it im pretty proud of them even though I could've probably done better.

 Here's a macro shot of it so you guys can kinda see the detail better.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and decide to jump on the Braided Nails bandwagon.

I will probably be writing and editing my late St, Patricks nails, but if it gets too late I might just post a water marble or some Untried Swatches.

Love, Polish Junkie. ♥

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