Monday, February 25, 2013

work area ^.^

Hello there!

Well i decided before i start posting all the nail art i do & swatches of polishes i've bought, i would show you guys my work area!

Once again i just got into this so I don't need as much space as other people with 600+ nail polishes do lol,this is enough for me and it works so yeah :)

To the left I have a set of minis that I don't really ever use.. and then my nail art brushes.

I had another container with all my cotton balls but my bf just happened to need it for her make up brushes lol so, that's gone. :p

Then my rack but i will get into that later on :)

My nail art wheels and swatches of every color are next to the rack.

Inside the little slots on the base of the lamp I keep my dotting tools, and a brush I use for cuticle oil, and the one i use for cleaning nail polish off my cuticles.

The polishes on the bottom I just cant keep anywhere else lol.

 so yeah that's pretty much it, on my next post i'll probably talk about what i do for nail care and before painting my nails!

hopefully this blog thing works out for me and I can get used to it haha, I'm sorry if its not the best but i'll try :3

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