Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez collection **part 2**

Haha, okay I didn't want to make just a huge long post but i'll do this review the same way as part two, so lets get started :)

First we'll have "Unicorn Love".

This beautiful polish is a pastel blue, it looks greyish as well and its packed with microglitters.
This is the only Polish Addict mini I have and I totally regret not buying a full size, i adore this polish!

 This is two coats of unicorn love, no top coat in this picture.
The formula is just as great as the other polishes. Obviously no fishing required to get the glitters, you will get tons every time!

We have neon green,yellow and blue micro glitters and also red ones.
This polish looks gorgeous in the sun light, maybe i'll post a picture of it later on because I couldnt get a good one when this pictures were taken.

"Laffy Taffy"

Laffy Taffy is a Light pink jelly base with tons of glitters and micro glitters. Laffy taffy is my favorite kind of candy so I kinda had to get this for the awesome name!

My nails were a little shorter in this picture so i apologize about that. lol
The application was a little tricky for me but once again i'm not pro. lol
I tried dabbing all the glitters then smoothing it out with another coat.
This is three coats of laffy taffy in the picture and top coat to smooth it all out.

You can see that there's tons of yellow,blue,teal,purple,pink,red and orange glitters and then we have micro holo silver glitter
I like this polish a lot but like all Glitter Bombs it is a hassle to take off. so I've only worn this two times, which is not bad considering I have tons of polish sitting there that haven't been tried but that's kind of the point of my starting my blog, I will have something to push to use all my colors ( and an excuse to keep buying new polish ;) ).

And last but definitely not least....Drunken Elephant! 

 First of all  how awesome is this name? haha I love it. This polish is a white cream polish with lots of different crazy glitters. This is one of my coolest polishes ;) I don't know why I relate the big black dots to elephant feet? LOL im always trying to fish for the elephants feet in the bottle.

You have to kind of dab the polish on so you don't brush off the other glitters but I promise that you will get crazy combos of glitter on each nail!

I would also recommend to leave the bottle upside down for a little while before you paint your nails to make sure the glitter isn't sunk at the bottom :]

I can't really describe the shapes of these glitters because they are just so unique and crazy! but the only ones you can obviously spot are the "elephant feet" i was talking about earlier. The big black dots are just awesome!

Okay that completes my collection for now, I will definitely be purchasing lots of her polishes and I recommend you guys to check all her pages out and purchase some of her polishes!
I believe Her new collection will be released on March 1st, but there's lots of polishes you can purchase now at her store.

 the link to her shop is
 you can also follow her on Instagram @polish_addict_34

Hope you guys keep in touch i will be reviewing and swatching more polishes in the future so stay tunes ;)


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