Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ombré mani tutorial

Hello there my polish addicts ;) hope you all are having a great day so far!

Today I'm gonna be doing a really simple and cute mani, called ombré or gradient mani, Enjoy :)

All you will need is a make up sponge and some polishes! Ill be using Essie's Play Date, NOPI all Kendall-ed up, and OPI's Can't find my czechbook.

I like to cut the sponge down to my fingernail's size just so I don't get much of the polish on my skin.

Paint your nail white as a base so the colors show up better when you sponge them on.


Then brush a generous amount of polish onto the sponge, if you want both the colors to combine so it ends up looking like 3 colors on your nail brush one of the colors over the other one in the middle.
I just like the colors to be separated by a tiny line of in my case purple so I put the two colors really close together but barely touching. After you do this spongey our fingernail with it! Make sure your white base coat is completely dry before sponging and don't take too long to sponge the nail because the polishes will dry kinda fast. Use your finger to pull on the side of your nails so the sponge gets the polish really in there.

This is how it'll look like after the first coat. I usually do two coats, let the first coat dry completely before sponging for the second time, if the polish is still wet you will just sponge it right off.

In the picture I have already sponged for a second time and put a top coat on, putting the top coat on quick enough will help blend all the colors in and make it look shiny and marble-y!
Then just proceed to clean up with a q-tip.

This is the final product :) this is a really easy mani that anyone can recreate, but ombré can get really tricky some times if you don't get it first try, keep trying practice makes perfect and we all have to start somewhere :) I hope you guys understood and enjoyed the tutorial.

Here's a picture of what I ended up doing with the ombré :) I'm currently working on some other cupcake nails that I'm going to be writing about so keep in touch with the blog for more cute and easy nail ideas!


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