Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nail Care & Prep!

Hello Polish Junkies!

Today I'm gonna write a short post about the products I use for nail care and what I do prior to painting my nails, so let's do this! :D

Before painting my nails I use a regular nail polish remover that I get from my local cvs.
I file my nails down and shape them, when i'm happy with the results i apply some cuticle remover cream that I didn't find at the moment of taking the picture, so sorry about that.

After pushing my cuticles down ( I don't cut my cuticles or use any metal items to remove them).

The orange bottle to the right is my Sally Hansen's Grow Nails Now vitamin treatment, i put this all over my nails and cuticles and massage it, Once this is completely dry I usually use the All in One base from essie, but when I have a weak nail or a nail that has recently broken I apply the Sally Hansen's Double Duty base&top coat.

This base coat is really thick and gel-ish?, so it works perfect for smoothing your nail before putting polish on as well!

Definitely recommend this base coat for anyone who has weak nails.
 When I'm planning on leaving my nails nude I just finally put some Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and massage it for about 3 minutes (each nail) and that's it!

If you're applying polish just top with top coat and after nails are completely dry proceed to massage the cuticle cream in!

I hope you guys found this interesting and helpful if you're just starting to get into nail stuff and would like to keep your nails strong and healthy!!

Also remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water to keep yourself feeling great as well as your nails ;)

Have a nice day Polish Addicts, and i'll catch you guys later :)

^.^ love; Polish Junkie.

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