Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez Collection.**Part I**

Today i'm going to be reviewing this girl's amazing polishes, I came across this girl on Instagram and saw that she created her own polishes, me being the addict I am I had to get my hands on some of those.

Currently I own 7 polishes by her and I'll list the site you can get them at, at the end of this post :)

The first polish I'll be reviewing is called "Sugar plum fairy" 

this is a glitter bomb with a baby pink base I love this color and will surely be wearing this a lot during spring.

There seem to be small blue,lilac and purple hexagonal glitters, and tiny blue,lilac and red glitters. (not so sure just judging by the picture)

The application was great you don't have to fish for glitter at all because come on! you can totally tell this is packed with glitter.
I used three coats in the picture, I didn't use a top coat for this but I'd recommend you to just to even out all the glitter and end up with a smooth surface.

Okay the next polish goes by the name of "Dr, Franken".

This polish is another glitter bomb in a clear base, which I love because of the fact you can apply this over any color you desire!

This is the Swatch of Dr, Franken over Miss Bliss by Color Club.
When applying I'd recommend the dabbing technique because you will get the glitter off if you just brush it on like regular polish.

 Dr, Franken is a mix of matte hexagonal glitters, you can find almost every single color in there, such as pink,blue,black,green,yellow,light blue,etc.
No clear top coat has been applied on this picture.

 Next on is "Breaking Dawn".

This polish is a black jelly that contains hexagonal glitters.

This is "Breaking Dawn" over black out by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear.
The application was easy there's plenty of glitters in the bottle so you are guaranteed to get some of the glitters on the nail first try!
I put two coat of breaking dawn here, and added a shiny top coat.

As you can see the big gold hexagonal glitters have a holographic effect to them and you can also find smaller gold holo glitters.
This polish has definitely jumped to my favorites list!<3

Jellyfish I is next! 


I'm honestly so happy I have this polish to talk about because I was obsessed with seeing swatches of this. I always thought that Laura wasn't restocking this anymore, so I wanted to get Jellyfish II but I still preferred this one over it.
Finally one day on Instagram I asked her if she was ever going to have this polish for sale again and she told me she had a few of this left for grab bags but that she'll hold one for me.
I was soooo excited to know this baby was going to be mine.
I absolutely love it and it's one of my top three favorite polishes.

Jellyfish I is a kinda white kinda creamish color base, the formula is good, just apply a top coat to smooth out the surface when your nails are completely done :)
This picture is two coats and a fast drying top coat.

The glitters look almost violet in the picture but they are pink, at least that's what I think, you also have gold and blue glitters everywhere. I just adore this polish!!

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