Friday, May 17, 2013

Ulta Haul! Couture De Minnie Runaway Minnies.

Hi everyone!!!

I'm super excited about today's post. I just  back from Ulta and I bought a few thing to review for you all.
Lets get started!

As soon as I walked into the store I went to look for these. I didn't know this set existed but I thought the packaging was adorable and WAY cheaper than buying the full collection that I will just swatch once and store, so buying the minis was definitely more convenient for me. This set runs for $12.95 and even though it doesn't include Mini Style from the full size collection I'm supper happy with my purchase.

The first color from the set is A definite Moust-Have and it is an almost neon rosy pink with a soft pearl shimmer to it. This color is sooo amazing for summer and I will be wearing this a lot, even though I don't usually wear neons. I applied two coats of it for this picture. The formula of this polish was great and it dried very quickly!


Next on we have Magazine Cover Mouse. This is the polish I wanted the most out of the whole collection. Magazine Cover Mouse is a Liquid Sand and it's honestly one of the prettiest textured nail polishes I've seen so far. This beautiful red polish has a gold and pink shimmer. It was very opaque. I used two coats.


Chic from Ears to Tail is next. This is a bubble gum pink creme with a very soft silver shimmer. I couldn't really capture the shimmer on the pictures though. :(
The formula was alright, it was a bit streaky but also my brush for this polish was damaged so it made it worse. I used three thick coats here.


Last but not least we have Innie Minnie Mightie Bow. This is a beautiful red creme with lighter red shimmer. At first I thought this would be very similar to A spy who Loved me from the Skyfall collection, I didn't really like that one that much, but Innie Minnie Mightie Bow took my breath away. I completely loved it and it doesn't have a gold shimmer at all, so it was very different to what I thought it'd be like.
This polish was a little thick but this made the application easy. I used two coats here but I'm sure I could've gotten away with one coat, even though the shimmer looks better with two.

That was it for this review, I hope you guys liked it and thanks for reading!

Goodnight everyone


  1. The nail colours are great for spring! I love your blog, follow back? :) xx

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you love it & sure ~

  2. pink is amazing, my mom would love the reds