Tuesday, May 7, 2013

China Glaze Texture Collection.

Hi Guys!!!

After being sick and feeling like it took forever to recover and losing my hard drive right after, I couldn't be happier that I'm back. I missead painting my nails and talking about it to you guys a lot, but now I'm back for good.

Yesterday I went to Ulta and found the China Glaze Texture collection display, unfortunately they only had a few of the colors.
The Texture collection is China Glaze's interpretation of OPI's liquid sands or Zoya's Pixie Dusts.
Even though I found OPI and Zoya to be very similar to each other, China Glaze had a completely different texture. I wasn't disappointed though. I like the new texture and I'm glad its something different

I picked up three from this collection and figured I'd wait until they re stocked to review the other three.

The first color I picked goes by the name of In the Rough and it is a yellow-ish based green.
I really like the color of this polish but my skin doesn't so much. Greens specially light ones don't get along too great with my skin tone. It's okay though because the other too colors I picked up were good.

The second one is called Unrefined and it is a light barbie pink. This color is so overly common but the fact that is a textured nail polish makes this okay for me. The shade of pink is really great for spring and will be great for summer as well.

The third shade I picked was Of Coarse! and it is a bright blue. This one is also kind of a very common shade but the this color makes the texture pop a lot. It's also great for summer!

All these polishes obviously have the same formula and the application was all the same. I applied one coat on every single swatch. I found that the texture was a little different when I applied more than one coat. These colors are all very opaque so one coat worked well for me.

I wish the hot pink and coral from this collection weren't sold out and the only place I can find these at the moment is ulta (which is pretty far from my house) I guess I'll be ordering the rest of this collection online since the original texture of them really caught my eye.

Totally recommend you all to pick up at least one of these. The texture is fun, the colors are bright, and I'm just loving this collection. Thumbs up China Glaze!!

Hope you guys liked this post and I'm truly happy to be able to be back on the blog. Love you all!!

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