Thursday, May 16, 2013

Winstonia nail plates & Konad nail polishes review.

Hey everyone.

Today I'll be reviewing two different things for you guys, first we will review the amazing stamping plates from Winstonia.

 This set comes with 20 different stamping plates. Each plate has 7 different designs.
Almost every single plate has cool designs. I've never had any other kind of stamping plates before so I'm happy about these.

 I purchased these for $15.99 USD, winstonia also has free shipping if you spend $25 or more, so I went ahead and got the stamper/scraper as well.
Almost all the designs are cute and fun, there is some pointless ones I probably will never use, but they are mostly all cute. The stamper works pretty well but it's a little too round, I don't know maybe I just need a little more practice with the bigger stamps.

The plates I used from left to right were: W105, W104, W115, W108.

Now, I purchased some Konad polishes from, it took forever to get then but they arrived safely.
The black one is definitely super opaque but there was some colors that were still a little sheer. I totally recommend you buy a black one for stamping though.


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