Friday, May 10, 2013

Emily de Molly Swatches ♥

Good morning everyone!

 Hope you guys are having a great week! It's finally Friday but a long day of work is ahead of me haha.
So I decided to wake up a little earlier to write the post because I'll probably be too tired tonight lol.

 Alright getting to the polish talk, I recently purchased two Emily de Molly polishes I've been dying for.
Emily de Molly is a independent Australian seller. Her polishes can be purchased through Llarowe or her Etsy page if you are not from the US.

 The first polish I'll be reviewing is the almost impossible to photograph, Black Forrest.
Black Forrest is a sheer black jelly base packed with green hexagonal glitters. Now, it was almost impossible for me to capture the beauty of this polish. You can't really see all the green glitters on the picture, but this polish is honestly breath taking IRL.

 The formula of this polish is great and the application was easy. I didn't have to dab this polish on, since there is just so much glitter in it. No fishing was required, obviously.

 Now on to the second one, A Certain Shade of Green.
On the llarowe page there is a beautiful picture of this polish, when I opened my package and put this polish on the color wasn't really the certain shade I was expecting, but this polish is awesome and I do love the color it is!

 A certain shade of green is a green crelly (cream/jelly) base with silver,pastel green and lavender glitters.

The application and formula were great as well. I love Emily de Molly polishes and I am still dying to have The Fifth Element, oh god I will be so happy the day I finally own it! haha.

Oh yeah, as you guys can see I changed my watermark lol. I'm liking this font a little better so I think I'm sticking to it.
Okay guys that was it for now, I hope you guys liked these polishes and I totally recommend you all to grab some of these at Llarowe.

Love you all, and as always thanks for reading♥

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