Saturday, May 25, 2013

Polish Addict nail mail♥

Hi everyone!

As you might know I'm completely in love with polish addict polishes and today I'll review two of them I purchased recently.

The first one is Imagine Dragons. An aqua jelly base with different sized and shaped glitters in different colors.

The formula of this polish was thinner than the usual formula I'm used to, but that didn't give me any trouble.
I used three coats and the coverage was great. The application was smooth and there's plenty of glitter in this polish. I had to fish for the big circles a little bit but it can be solved by just letting the bottle sit upside down for a while, I personally was just too excited to put it on lol.

Now glitter talk! Oh god! I knew I had to buy this polish whenever I saw the beautiful gold round glitter it had. I remember the polish addict polish that caught my eye first was Drunken Elephant and it was because of its black round glitter.
We can also find some gold, green and blue hexagonal glitters.

The second polish to review is Blue Hawaiian. A blue jelly with different glitters. This polish has a soft blue   shimmer going through it as well.

The formula was good and the application was fine I used three coats of Blue Hawaiian for the swatch.
 I love the finish of this polish everything looks so squishy haha.

You can find light pink bar glitter, white, blue, cranberry and light pink squares, diamond and hex shaped glitters.

Both these polishes are on sell at for $9.00 USD.
I definitely recommend Laura's polishes to you guys. Their price is fine, they're beautiful and unique polishes and Laura is always coming up with new polishes.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


  1. Second one is amazing!
    Sorry for not showing up for a while. I promess to be more active from now on, would you stop by and comment in my blog too? what about a link swap in our firend's list?

  2. Imagine dracons looks just perfect on your nails ♥
    I love all the different kinds of sparkles in this polish but I also love the second polish! :)