Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nail Mail! Polish Addict Nail Color ♥

Hello Everyone!!

I've been away from here for a little bit due to so much stuff I had to get done and lots of working.

Today I'm bringing you an awesome package from Polish Addict I received.
I was one of the first 20 people to place an Order at the release of the Beachy Keen collection, the goodies I received came separately from the polishes, so I wanted to wait to have all the times swatched to write the post.

Laura surprised me with even more extra goodies! so I got lots of things to review today!

The first polish I bought was Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin' is a white crelly base packed with tons of small and medium sized glitters.
The application of this polish was a heaven sent miracle, I didn't have to fish or dab for my glitters everything applied beautifully and the formula was awesome as well.

In this polish we can find lots of hexagonal neon green glitters as well as green, neon green and neon pink squares. there's also some very small hexagonal neon pink and holographic glitter. You can also find tiny neon pink dots and some very small round green glitter.

I loved the color combination Laura picked for this polish. Definitely will be loving this one all summer long!

The next color I got was Beachy Keen, my favorite out of the whole collection, a beautiful and definitely a unique colored polish.

Beachy Keen is a greyish nude crelly base with different pastel colored glitters.

The application of this polish was just as good as Summer Lovin' but the formula was a little thicker, which made the glitter placement easier.

For the glitters we have lots of dark and light yellow hexagonal glitters,  we have small lilac, purple and dark but pastel pink hexagonal glitters.

Now I'm going to show you guys the goodies Laura sent me. ♥

In the cute little bag there was an awesome nail file, a black striping tape which I have like 20 colors of striping tape yet I needed black, so thanks girl you hit the spot!. Also there was some cute small nail fimos, a mini polish, mini cuticle oil, a hand scrub and cuticle cream.

Then she generously added a full size polish and two minis. ♥

The mini included in the bag goes by the name of May flowers.
May flowers is a lilac cream base with different glitters in it.

The formula of this polish was a little thin but the color built up to full opacity with three coats, so that wasn't a problem. The application was fine and this polish has a great amount of glitter so no fishing was required.

There's many shapes of glitter in this polish so i'll be naming only the ones I see clearly in the bottle.
You can find black squared and bar glitters, purple, pink, white, blue, red and holographic hexagonal glitter.  there's tons of other small glitters in it as well.

Nebula is another one of the minis I received and OMG I am so excited about this one. I saw it on the page before and I really wanted it so I'm happy about this one the most!

Nebula is a dark plum holographic polish. I have a special love for my holographic babies and I'm really glad Nebula is joining my collection.

Under sunlight this polish is bright and the holographic effect is pretty strong. In the shade is a dark shimmery beautiful plum.

The swatches are two coats with SV top coat.

The next one is Milky Way. This polish is a white base glitter bomb.

The formula of the polish is kind of like May flowers, thin, but reached opacity easily. You don't end up with thick and chubby looking nails. The glitters in it stick out a little bit, but with just one coat of top coat it was all solved.

I'll name the glitters that I see from the bottle as well since there's many types of it.

You can find yellow, grey, purple, red and holographic squared glitters as well as green and orange hexagonal glitters and many other small shapes of glitters.

The full size polish she sent me is Spring Equinox. This is a cranberry jelly base with iridescent glitters.

This polish was very easy to apply and the formula was amazing. I didn't have to fish for the glitters and everything was spread out evenly.

For the glitters we can find green,yellow and lime green iridescent glitters.

The cuticle oil she sent me was the Lemon Verbena one, I already have the Pink Sugar cuticle oil and it smells amazing so I was excited to smell this one it smells fresh and super lemony. I totally loved it!

The hand scrub had a really clean scent to it and it left my hands feeling very soft!
The cuticle cream was vanilla scented and I loved the smell. I like the fact that the hand scrub has almost no scent to it so it doesn't mix with the scent of the cuticle cream if I were to apply it right after.

I loved all the stuff I got and thanks to Laura again for all the extra goodies and having such an awesome costumer service!

You can purchase Polish Addict products at www.shoppolishaddict.bigcartel.com

everyone have a great day and thanks as always for reading ♥



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  3. they look all awesome and just my style, love all the flakies and how some of them remind me of a few famous ones.